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Gimp Masterclass

Creating Images 3:56 minutes
Creating Text Drop Shadows 2:56 minutes
Containers 7:23 minutes
Adding Images 4:40 minutes
Wrapping Text 5:46 minutes
Rotating Images 3:31 minutes
Saving Your Work 2:13 minutes

Screen Casting Tools

Jing Preview 6:09 minutes
Camstudio Preview 11:13 minutes
Screencastomatic Preview 6:03 minutes
EZVid Preview 12:02 minutes
Windows Live Movie Maker Preview 8:32 minutes
Audacity Preview 5:56 minutes
Handbrake Preview 4:53 minutes
Freemake Video Converter Preview 9:13 minutes
VLC Media Player Introduction Preview 7:11 minutes
VLC Media Player Features Preview 7:37 minutes

Distraction Diffuser

Introduction to Distraction Diffuser Preview 7:28 minutes
Personality Preview 11:06 minutes
Process Data Preview 10:25 minutes
Habits and Weaknesses Preview 9:06 minutes
Time Spent Preview 12:20 minutes
Break Habits Preview 7:38 minutes
Main Focus Reminder Preview 8:22 minutes
Smart Goals Preview 7:58 minutes
Accountability Sheet Preview 10:08 minutes

Flippa Cash

An Overview Of Flippa Preview 12:49 minutes
Niche Research 16:09 minutes
Keyword Research 26:52 minutes
PLR Rebranding 8:05 minutes
Rebranding 3:30 minutes
Website 7:14 minutes
Flippa 6:29 minutes
Hints & Tips 9:25 minutes
Transferring To Your Customer 22:14 minutes

Barry Joyce

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