Video Ads Made Easy

Video Ads Made Easy

Video ads are the golden-goose that generate wealth of targeted traffic to boost sales and profits without draining your bank accounts empty.

20 HD videos that broken into 6 sections

Section 1: Video Ad Basics

    Chapter 1: What Video Ads are all about?
    Chapter 2: Why you should use Video Ads for your business?
    Chapter 3: What types of Video Ads are available nowadays?

Section 2: Creating your Video the right way

    Chapter 4: What Types of Video can you create?
    Chapter 5: Creating your Video with the right tools
    Chapter 6: The right place to outsource the creation of your video

Section 3: Video Ad Networks

    Chapter 7: What to look for in a good Video Ad network?
    Chapter 8: Top Video Ad networks
    Chapter 9: Other Video Ad networks to consider

Section 4: Setting up a Video Ad campaign

    Chapter 10: Setting up a Video Ad campaign with YouTube
    Chapter 11: Setting up a Video Ad campaign with Twitter

Section 5: Additional Video Ads Tips to consider

    Chapter 12: 10 Do's to Apply
    Chapter 13: 10 Don'ts to Avoid
    Chapter 14: Other tools and services to consider
    Chapter 15: Shocking case studies


Video Ads Made Easy
Video Ads Made Easy

Barry Joyce

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