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Mindset Launch Pad
Start Changing Your Mindset
Mindset Roadblock #1 - When Right is Not Always Right
Mindset Roadblock #2 - Others
Mindset Roadblock #3 - Stop Feeling Overwhelmed
Mindset Roadblock #4 - Quit Dreaming
Making It Fun and a Game
Become More Self Accountable
What Are You Wasting Time On?

Mindset Roadblock #4 - Quit Dreaming

Dreaming causes you to constantly think of all the amazing and wonderful ideas that are out there. It’s time to build your business the right way. Dream more and you will easily lose time, and by losing time, you will fall into specific traps that will block you from moving forward. In this video, you will learn about these traps, so that you can avoid them and move forward correctly.